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The "better string library"

Since I now use three different operating systems (OSX, Linux & Windows) the development environment needs to be portable and of course the libraries and tools I use. String handling is something that’s always necessary but not easy to do it right & portable. But there is a solution to this.

And this solution is the so called
„better string library“

To quote the web-site: „The Better String Library is an abstraction of a string data type which is superior to the C library char buffer string type, or C++'s std::string.“

And I can totally agree with this. I’m now using it in all my new projects and replace step-by-step the string handling in my older code. It’s a pleasant experience and the nice thing is, I have never to think about string handling. It’s just done, a commodity, nothing to say about it anymore. And, this lib only adds about 25K to your application. Not much for freeing you from a basic and mandatory task.

Some of you will find the documentation a bit awkward because it’s just a couple of text files. But, it works quite good if you open the file in an editor and use your search function. Give it a try and I bet you want to use it in every project.

Paul, the author, has done a pretty good
comparison table of features in alternative libraries. Beside showing the advantages of bstring library, it gives a good overview about other string libraries.