To the point & Out of the box

How to get rid of spam once and for all.

I’m always wondering how people try to fight spam. They setup filters in their mail program, buy plug-ins (mostly for Outlook), buy special software. Overall: They spend money to fight spam. Strange. Very strange.

I’m using a tool called
ASSP since several years. It’s a Perl script running on the mail server. And it fights spam at the right place. Directly at the server, as soon as possible. This makes sense. Every second spend to process a spam message is wasted time, you (or your server) will never get it back.

What about “false positives” you may ask? Well, I don’t care. If you write an email that qualifies as spam... Well, you have a problem. I have never had any problems by false positives.

I use the so called “penalty box” concept of ASSP. It makes a bunch of tests and than scores the results. If a threshold is exceeded the mail is rejected. ASSP lets you customize the scores as you want.

The other part I use is the Bayesian filter. That’s mostly like other spam filters work.

Combining both results in a spam fighting solution that filters about 99.7% for me.

So, if you want to fight spam take a look at ASSP. It’s definitely worth.